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Our Solved Cases

Kareem Demarzo Tisdale

Found on January 6th 2024

Maureen Sherman

Found on January 5th 2024

Sandra Lemire

Found on December 30th 2023

Hiram Martinez

Found on September 9th 2023

Sarah Dreyer

Found on April 19th 2023

Robert Helphrey

Found on April 13th 2023

Robert Heikka

Found on April 8th 2023

Karen Moore

Found on January 6th 2023

Sonar Imagery

Our Mission

Sunshine State Sonar's mission is to find missing persons, vehicles or vessels believed to be in waterways. We provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in the recovery and preservation of evidence. We use the utmost discretion and confidentiality when working with Law Enforcement Agencies and with families. All activities are conducted with the approval of such agencies and under their purview.

Sonar works by sending pulses of sound waves out into the water and recording the waves that bounce back to create an image. A new type of imaging technique, one that works in a similar way to an MRI scanner at a hospital. This advanced technology is finally becoming affordable enough to put into portable devices. The advancement of the sonar technology has been driven by the fishing industry. Good sonar images let anglers know where to find big fish but its the level of sophistication that is making it attractive to law enforcement agencies and search and rescue.

Down imaging sonar uses high frequency, thin sonar waves to produce an incredibly detailed picture of what is beneath your vessel. The high frequency waves are what enable you to have a snapshot of what is beneath you in unreal detail. Side imaging sonar operates in a similar manner, except out to the side of your vessel. Some units give you the option of using several different beams of different frequencies that go out farther than the last beam from your vessel, giving you the maximum range and a veritable sonar net around your vessel. It's worth noting that these sonar types come under a variety of names: DownVU, SideScan, SI DV, etc.

Meet Our Team

This our amazing team that volunteers countless hours on our mission. This is an extremely talented group of individuals specializing in sonar technology, search and recovery, diving, GPS satellite mapping and missing person case research.

Mike Sullivan
John Martin
Shelly Ranae
Brianna Shook
Demetrius Dixon
Johanna Sullivan
Leandro Cervetti
Gonzalo Gomez
Javier Gomez
Aaron Ansley

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